Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University


The School of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University provides a unique experience for its third year students to help them gain real world experience, apply practical knowledge and transition them into the workplace. We sincerely appreciate the involvement of employers in our internship program. GCM students provide valuable skills to employers in various areas, including but not limited to: prepress, press, post-press, document design, estimating, sales, marketing and business management.

Employers: Are you seeking a GCM student for a summer internship? You are invited to visit the GCM Job Fair webpage. For further information you can contact GCM’s Departmental Assistant, at or 416-979-5050.

Students: The internship program is designed to take place between May and August following third year (assuming you have followed the recommended enrolment pattern), and therefore immediately prior to their final management studies courses GRA 741 (fall semester) and GRA 841 (winter semester). In third year, you will prepare for internship through a series of classes and briefings. The internship will be evaluated in GRA 741 based on the your internship journal, internship report and employer evaluation.

Many employers continue to employ their interns part-time through fourth year and hire them full-time after graduation. GCM helps students find internships through our annual Job Fair and current job listings. Students can complete an internship in Canada or abroad, wherever they are legally permitted to work.

The Ryerson University GCM Internship Handbook  contains important information and guidance for students and employers.