Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

Job Fair


The GCM Job Fair event is an opportunity for employers to network and interview determined students seeking summer internships or full-time career positions. Each company can expect to interview approximately 19 students—11 interns and 8 graduating students. Companies are invited to collect as many résumés as they please in order to seek out additional talent. We had approximately 70 companies attend this year’s Job Fair.

Interns are normally looking for full-time work (40 hours per week) from May to August. The graduation requirement is 420 hours of work.


The date for Job Fair 2018 has passed - Mattamy Athletic Centre (Old Maple Leaf Gardens).
This event is FREE for employers. However, registration is required.

EMPLOYER REGISTRATION –  FOR OUR GCM FALL INTERN FAIR 2018, please visit our Internship tab!

Job Fair Registration 2018 is CLOSED!  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to having you join us at the GCM Job Fair in 2019!

Once you have submitted your registration online, you will automatically receive a confirmation. About 7 days before Job Fair, you will receive a reminder email along with an informational package that details the schedule, location and parking.

*Please be aware that once you register for Job Fair, students are strictly forbidden to contact any company prior to the event. This ensures that all students  attending have an equal opportunity to interview with employers at the Job Fair. If you happen to fill the position, or would like to withdraw your registration from the Job Fair, please contact ASAP. Please kindly notify us if you have any food allergies.


Registered attendees are expected to arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. to sign-in at the registration desk and look for their table(s). Seating has been pre-assigned. Grad interviews will begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. In a speed-interview format, each round of interviews will be 10 minutes long for interns and 12 minutes long for grads. The sound of a gong will signal the end of each round of interviews and the beginning of the next round. Please note that all students have already been pre-assigned to specific interview slots based on their preferences in advance of the event. Dinner will be served between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. Intern interviews will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. The final round of interviews will end at 9:00 p.m. At this time, students will be asked to drop off their resumes to employers whom they did not get a chance to interview with. 


The 2018 Job Fair will take place at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens) located at 50 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1J2. For directions, please click here: Map



Underground parking is available underneath the Mattamy Athletic Centre at 50 Carlton Street. For a map, please click here: Parking. Please note that parking is not free. Alternative parking is available at 412 Church Street (Canada Auto Parks)28 Wood Street (Holiday Inn), and 25 Wood Street (Park Smart).



For more information about Job Fair or about the Graphic Communications Management program, please contact Taras Karpiuk at or 416-979-5050.


How many tables and chairs are provided for my company?

One 6×2 ft table and 2 chairs will be provided per registration. If you are bringing more people and would like to request another table, please contact

Am I allowed to bring banners, signage or table cloths to the event?

Unfortunately we do not allow for banners, signage or table cloths. Signage will be provided for you. You may bring brochures and business cards where space is available on the table.

Can I attend both the grad portion AND the intern portion of the Job Fair?

Certainly! You can attend one or stay for both, depending on whether you’re hiring for interns or grads. Please make sure to indicate this on your registration. 

What do I need to bring to the Job Fair?

Please prepare pen, notepad, business card and any other materials you think is necessary to assist you with the interview process. We will provide bottled water.

Can you send me the list of students interviewing for the position?

Unfortunately, we are not able to send you the list due to last minute changes being made to interview schedules.

After Job Fair, what is the next step of the recruitment process?

We leave the next step of the recruitment process to you. Some students are hired on the spot and while others are invited to attend a second round of interviews. If you have filled a position, we ask that you send a courtesy email to students who showed interest in the position but were not selected for the role.

An intern has accepted my offer of employment, do I have to contact the school about it?

Congratulations! Once an intern has accepted the offer, the onus is on the student to contact the school about their employment so that we can update their status and make arrangements for a site visit.