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GCM Connect & Collect

Introducing the GCM Connect & Collect app – a new way for GCM students to record their connections with industry and immediately collect credit towards internship hours. Think of it like earning points on a credit card that you can trade in for great stuff later on. Connect and collect at today!

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Opportunities where students interact directly with industry (whether for course credit or in an extracurricular capacity) will qualify for points. Students can earn up to a maximum of 100 points from first to third year GCM, which can be redeemed for a maximum of 80 hours towards their internship. Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 points over three years, and failing to do so will result in a grade reduction in their internship course. Points are broken down into two categories: partial-day events and full-day events.

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Industry Events which Qualify (Examples only; not an exhaustive list)

*Qualifying events require significant industry presence and interaction

3 points: Partial-Day Events

5 points: Full-Day Events

Industry Speaker Event

(For class or extracurricular)

Full-Day Conference

(MagNet Conference, PrintAction Print Forum, etc.)


(letterpress workshop, BrainStation workshops, MaRS Discovery District workshops, etc.)

Overnight Conference (per day)

(TAGA, Graph Expo, FTA Forum, drupa, interpack, TypeCon, etc.)

Awards Ceremonies

(GCM Awards Night, OPIA Awards Night, Canadian Print Awards, Premier Print Awards, etc.)

Trade Shows

(Graphics Canada, Print World, Sign Expo, etc.)

Industry Dinner Event

(OPIA event, PAC golf tournament, etc.)

Plant Tour

(For class or extracurricular)

GCM Colloquium

Informational Interview with Industry

(For class or extracurricular)

Volunteering for events within GCM which include industry

(Conferences, open house visits, tours, etc.)



The GCMCC app has been created for students to quickly and easily submit information about the events they attend. Students log into They will enter basic information about the event they attended, as well as a “selfie” from the event. A GCM administrator will approve or deny the entry. If the information provided is accurate, complete, and valid, their submission will be approved and they will see their points value increase on their GCMCC app dashboard upon next login. As students continue to interact with industry and log each activity, they will continue to see their points increase to a maximum of 100 points from first year through third year GCM.



     Students must submit their participation in an event through the app within one week of attending the event (preferably on the day of the event)

     Events that happen in class and/or are for course credit (eg: plant tour) count towards points, as long as you submit them through the app

     Students may not “double dip” for points (eg: claim points for both volunteering at Colloquium, as well as attending Colloquium)

     Students must be considerate, respectful, and use discretion when taking their selfie at an event. Selfies must show the student at the event, such as in front of a specific sign or building.

     Students will receive confirmation that their hours are either approved or denied within one week of submission.

     Reasons that a submission would be denied: there is not enough information provided, incorrect information is provided, or the event does not qualify because it doesn’t host members of the printing industry.

     Students in GCM are bound to Ryerson University’s academic code of conduct, which means that falsifying information through the GCMCC app will be taken as seriously as other forms of academic misconduct in courses (please visit