Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

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Graduates and Interns

GCM prepares graduates for professional management positions in the printing industries. Employers seeking a GCM student or graduate are invited to email the School at or 416-979-5050.

Every year, GCM hosts a Job Fair to connect employers to interns and graduating students. Last year, over 69 Companies registered for the event. If your company would like to participate in our 2018 Job Fair stay tuned for more information in the new year. Job Fair webpage to register.

Additionally, GCM supports students, graduates and industry by maintaining job listings which helps employers find qualified, dedicated personnel to fill vacancies. A sampling of current and past opportunities appears below.

Company Position
Aircraft Label Flexographic Press Operator 16/08/2017
JAM Direct Inc. Art Director 14/08/2017
Webcom Inside Account Executive 14/08/2017
C17 Media PrePress Posting 09/08/2017
Cambridge Label Inc Prepress Technician 31/07/2017
JAM Direct Inc. Production Coordinator 25/07/2017
Bookmark Content and Communications Digital Project Manager 25/07/2017
Eclipse Imaging Customer Service Representative 24/07/2017
Lowe-Martin Production Coordinator 24/07/2017
Supremex Estimator 21/07/2017
Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University Assistant Graphic Designer 21/07/2017
Jr. Production Artist Jr. Production Artist 21/07/2017
General Services Contractor Production Artist/Designer/Coordinator 21/07/2017
Baycrest Digital Marketing Coordinator 21/07/2017
Baycrest Graphic Designer/Fundraising Proposal Specialist 21/07/2017
Metroland Media Helper 07/07/2017
Metroland Media Pre-Press Technician 07/07/2017
Canadian Printing Resources Inc. Print Ordering and Customer Service Representative 06/07/2017
AP1 Inc. Junior Graphic Designer 06/07/2017
Webcom Bindery Operator 28/06/2017
Schawk! Client Coordinator 28/06/2017
Eclipse Imaging Customer Service Representative 27/06/2017
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Coordinator, Production 27/06/2017
Butterfly Graphics and Printing Graphic Designer 22/06/2017
The Central Group Project Manager 22/06/2017
Eclipse Imaging Estimator 16/06/2017
Webcom Project Manager 16/06/2017
Webcom Customer Care Specialist 16/06/2017
Merrill Corporation Project Manager 14/06/2017
SinaLite Print Production Coordinator 14/06/2017
Bennett Jones Graphic Designer 12/06/2017
CCL Industries Technical Services Representative 07/06/2017
Avanti Systems Implementation Specialist 06/06/2017
Resource Integrated Inc. Production Coordinator 31/05/2017
Brant InStore Estimating Coordinator 30/05/2017
The Printing House Print Specialist 30/05/2017
SinaLite Inbound Customer Service 25/05/2017
SinaLite Junior Graphic Designer 25/05/2017
SinaLite Pre-Press Technician 25/05/2017
ASL Print FX Client Care Representative/Production Coordinator 25/05/2017
Mimic: A Print Republic Prepress Operator 17/05/2017
AIIM Group Large Format Sales 16/05/2017
Amico Corporation Web Designer 16/05/2017
LCBO Coordinator, Print Production 10/05/2017
TC Transcontinental Account Associate 08/05/2017
Webcom Project Manager 05/05/2017
Godin Productions Limited Print Production Assistant 05/05/2017
Atlantic Graphic Artist (Summer Internship) 25/04/2017
Andora Graphics Estimator/Production Coordinator 25/04/2017
JAM Production Coordinator 24/04/2017
WestRock Graphic Solutions Graphic Designer 21/04/2017
Butterfly Print Prepress Manager 19/04/2017
Webcom Project Manager 13/04/2017
Kitchen Stuff Plus Packaging Designer 13/04/2017
Digital Labels Press Apprentice 11/04/2017
Puncture Project Manager 05/04/2017
West Star Printing Ltd. Print Estimator 05/04/2017
Lorpon Labels Inc. Senior Flexo Operator 04/04/2017
Lorpon Labels Inc. Sales Consultant 04/04/2017
Lorpon Labels Inc. Junior Intermediate Flexo Operator 04/04/2017
Lorpon Labels Inc. Graphics Prepress Operator 04/04/2017
Lowe-Martin Forms Programmer 04/04/2017
West Star Printing Ltd. Print Production Coordinator 04/04/2017
CV Studios Account Manager 31/03/2017
TOPSHOP TOPMAN at Hudson’s Bay Visual Operations Specialist 30/03/2017
Total Graphics Inc. Operations Manager 28/03/2017
Cansel Inside Sales Representative 28/03/2017
Cober Project Client Services Representative 28/03/2017
ColorXTC Color Management/Marketing Intern 27/03/2017
Atlantic Coordinator, Structural Design 22/03/2017
Eclipse Imaging Customer Service Representative 17/03/2017
Vins Plastics Pre-Press Technician 16/03/2017
CV Studio Estimator Coordinator 09/03/2017
DetsuBos Print Production Intern (Internship) 07/03/2017
CCL Label Account Representative 06/03/2017
The Printing House Administration Specialist/Production Coordinator 01/03/2017
Comfort Tour Receptionist 01/03/2017
Labelink Ink Technician 01/03/2017
Brazen Print Solutions Customer Service Representative (Internship) 02/27/2017
ASL Print FX Production Coordinator 02/23/2017
Lovable Labels Inc. Production Manager 02/21/2017
Taxi Canada Ltd. Creative and Print Production Coordinator 02/16/2017
Printing By Innovation Inc.  Prepress Digital Operator 02/16/2017
Avanti Systems Implementation Specialist 02/10/2017
TC Transcontinental Client Services Representative 02/09/2017
ICON Zund Operator 02/08/2017
Mi5 Print and Digital Digital Solutions Specialist 01/31/2017
Canon Canada Inc. Coordinator, Production Systems 01/30/2017
Tennis Sales Intern 01/27/2017