Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

Teams and Clubs

Teams and Clubs

GCM students are active in a range of extra-curricular teams and clubs. Students work together, meet new friends, have lots of fun and enhance their experience in the printing industries through our teams and clubs.

Phoenix Challenge

The Phoenix Challenge is a flexography competition which takes place at the FTA’s annual Flexo Forum conference each spring. Past teams have competed in Dallas, Orlando and Las Vegas. The Phoenix Challenge advisor is Chris Smyth.


RyePack is Ryerson’s student packaging team. RyePack works together on product packaging solutions and our members participate in various packaging competitions, tours, and workshops. Interested? The RyePack advisor is Natalia Lumby.


RyeTAGA is Ryerson’s student chapter of TAGA, the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts. TAGA is an important technical research association in our industry, and the student chapter publishes an annual journal of student research. RyeTAGA students have won several top prizes at conferences in places including San Diego, San Francisco and Pittsburgh. The RyeTAGA advisor is Scott Millward.

GCM Course Union

The GCM Course Union represents GCM students. Through its student Executive and Class Reps, the GCMCU organizes social activities, trips, intramural athletic teams and academic events. To learn more about the GCMCU and our teams and events, contact the GCMCU Executive.

Other GCM Related Student Groups:

  • Xplor Ryerson
  • Letterpress Club
  • Grad Book Team
  • Colloquium
  • Drupa Group
  • Interpack Group

GCM Extracurricular Activity Grant

The GCM Student Teams and Clubs are eligible to request financial assistance from the School Of Graphic Communications Management. To apply visit, GCM Activity Grant Form.