Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

International Exchange

Each year, selected GCM students participate in international exchanges. GCM has exchange agreements with the following universities:

Study at other universities is also possible. In most cases, GCM students going abroad on exchange travel during the second semester (Winter term) of their third year. A video about some of the experiences of our students can be seen in this here.

GCM also welcomes inbound exchange students from a range of international universities. Exchanges give students the chance to meet people from other countries and cultures, learn about printing as a global enterprise, and develop a network of contacts around the globe.

To learn about international programs for GCM students, visit the websites of FCAD International and Ryerson International. If you are interested in participating in an international experience, contact the GCM office early in your second year of study. Academic and non-academic criteria are considered in the selection process, and an interview with the Associate Chair of GCM is required.