Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

About GCM

Mission Statement

“The goal of the School of Graphic Communications Management is to graduate individuals who will become effective professionals in the printing industries with a solid foundation of education and technical training to enable them to develop as professional managers”.

Graphic Communications

Graphic communications is a dramatic force shaping our lives. We come into contact with hundreds of printed and graphic products every day:

  • packaging and labeling for food, beverages, cosmetics, and household products
  • boxes, bags, tags, tickets and printed containers
  • signs, posters, billboards and transit wraps
  • paper money, credit cards, gift and phone cards
  • gift wrap, wall coverings and printed fabrics
  • magazines, books and newspapers
  • websites and electronic communications

The printing industries are Canada’s fourth-largest manufacturing employer: an $11 Billion dollar industry with 60,000 employees working in more than 4,000 different establishments, according to Statistics Canada. As Canada’s only degree program for the printing industries, GCM graduates enjoy outstanding internship and career opportunities across the country.

Technology has moved ahead at an amazing rate, changing the way we receive and process information. The printing industry has been at the forefront of this revolution. The GCM program at Ryerson recognizes the dynamic nature of technology and its relationship to the graphic communications industry. The program curriculum is constantly revised to reflect and lead this change.

The four-year GCM degree program at Ryerson provides a comprehensive grounding in modern technologies and business skills. Graduates are highly skilled professionals who enter the business world fully prepared to adapt and respond as managers in the multifaceted field of the printing industries.


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