Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Ryerson University

2015 Conferences Presentations & Proceeedings

Colour Measurement and Instruments, A. Sharma, NPES-ICC Color Management Conference, Feb 12, 2015, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi, India

G7 for every print device? M.Habekost & V.Blum, 67th Annual Technical Conference of TAGA, March 22 – 25, 2015, Albuquerque, NM, conference proceedings p. 204 – 221

Development of a unique indicator label, M.Habekost, J. Lisi, K. Rampersad, 67th Annual Technical Conference of TAGA, March 22 – 25, 2015, Albuquerque, NM, conference proceedings p.295 – 311

Automatic Success: Teaching Advanced Process Automation to Undergraduate Graphic Communications Students, , 47th Conference of the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management, July 5 – 10, 2015, San Louis Obispo, CA

Typographic Test Form: Investigating the performance of free fonts, N. Lumby, 42nd IARIGAI Conference, September 6 – 9, 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Bootstrapping a New Student-Initiated Letterpress Club: A Case Study, A. Seto, 40th Annual American Printing History Association (APHA) conference, October 22 – 24, 2015, Rochester, NY