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August 2006


School of Graphic Communications Management
Ryerson University, Toronto
August 2006

Welcome to the August, 2006 newsletter. Our bi-monthly newsletter provides news and updates from the School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM), Ryerson University, Toronto. Previous versions of this newsletter are availableFebruaryAprilJune. This month the School continues to develop a research agenda with the addition of another new faculty member – read this and other details below. (If you do not wish to receive this newsletter please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.)

Welcome to Dr Richard Adams
We are very pleased to welcome our newest faculty member – Dr Richard Adams ( Rich has enormous industry experience from 15 years at GATF and GretagMacbeth’s GIA. He is author of 9 textbooks, 50 journal articles and 25 white papers. Rich holds an MS in Printing Technology from RIT and a PhD from Cornell University. Rich moved from Ohio to join Ryerson on August 1. Rich brings incredible industry experience to the School, we are incredibly excited to have him join the GCM family. See Rich in person at his seminar during Graph Expo, October 15-18, Chicago. Rich is presenting a session entitled Prolific Profiling-Getting Color Right Every Time.

Congratulations to Gillian Mothersill
As of September 1, Prof Mothersill will be moving to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design. Gillian has accepted a one-year position as the Associate Dean. She will have responsibility for all Schools in the Faculty as well as the Business and Technical Communication department. Gillian will work alongside Dean Daniel Doz who is taking a keen interest in our industry-based program.

This summer Gillian presented a research paper entitled Easing the Transition to University: A Case Study in Students Mentoring Students at the 13th International Conference on Learning, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 22-25 June 2006. Gillian was also a speaker at the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) Typcon Conference, August 9-13, Boston, Massachusetts. Gillian Mothersill’s project was pictorial in nature and investigated the use of uppercase letters in unexpected situations – a recent example is the movie poster for Meet the Fockers.

New Class of 2006
The new semester started on Tuesday 5th September. This year the freshman class has 134 excited new GCM students. Our target was 120, so we have exceeded our target. This year the average high-school grade we accepted ranged from 73% to 96%, so we have increased our enrolment without lowering our standards. The School is pleased to produce future managers for the printing and related industries.

One of the new first-year students is Jamie Mace from Nobel, Ontario (right). Jamie has been awarded the Terence Grier Entrance Scholarship which is full tuition for one year. This scholarship is based on academic excellence and demonstrated exceptional interest in the chosen field of study. Ryerson awards only one Terence Grier scholarship, we welcome Jamie to GCM and a bright future in the world of printing and imaging.


An Apple a Day
This summer, the GCM school has seen a number of equipment upgrades. Khaled Ahmed, our IT Specialist took delivery of 25 new iMacs. The Intel-based chip will provide even more speed and power when the Adobe Suite goes native. In other parts of the program we have installed 2 new Epson 4800 inkjet proofers with roll paper and the ColorBurst RIP. Automation and computerization continue in the press room with installation of Heidelberg’s Compucut software for externally creating cutting programs for our Polar high-speed cutter. In the instrumentation area we have a new Mullen bursting strength tester for paper and packaging and a 24″ double sided laminator. Next time you are downtown come and see our new equipment in action.


Handbook of Graphic Arts Equations 
We are pleased to announce the release of the second edition of Prof Manfred Breede’s invaluable book, Handbook of Graphic Arts Equations. This book contains essential equations and explanations for technical aspects of the graphic communications industry. The second edition has been updated and enlarged to include many new sections, for example, colour and colour equations. This text is ideal for every member of our industry-from the novice encountering offset printing theories and mathematics, to the expert seeking an inclusive reference. The chapter topics include paper, print, typography, prepress, conversions, etc. Available for US$65 (Members price US$40) from the GATF bookstore. Order your copy today – or contact Manfred for a signed copy –


Canadian Printer 
The July/August issue of Canadian Printer features two articles by GCM faculty. Dr Martin Habekost continues his research into colour differencing and the correlation of visual perception to Delta E metrics in an article Printing by Numbers. Martin’s article is the final chapter of his 3-part series. Part 1 examined how colour is measured and how colour is described by either L*a*b* or L*C*h*. Part 2 looked at various tolerancing methods and how they correspond to human perception of colour. The third and final article examines the influence of paper on measured colour. In the same issue Chris Kular has published an article entitled 2006 Capital Expenditure Survey that examines our decisions to add new or replace existing equipment. The full July/August issue of Canadian Printer is available

New York, New York 
Heidelberg invited leading academics from around the world to participate in a roundtable discussion in New York City about the future of education relevant to the evolving needs of the graphic communications industry. The participants in the round table were Erich Steiner, Stuttgart Media University; Andre Dion, Quebec Institute of Graphic Communication; Abhay Sharma, Ryerson University; Halim Yatim, Istitut Latihan Perindustrianarumugam Pillai Nibong Tebal in Malaysia; Manoel Manteigas de Oliveira, Escola SENAI in Brazil; Les Claridge, London College of Communication, and Frank Cost, Rochester Institute of Technology. The discussions took place on August 9-11, 2006. The report will be published in future issues of Heidelberg News.

PIA/GATF Teacher’s Update 
Faculty member Dr Martin Habekost received a grant to participate in the PIA/GATF Teacher’s update from July 24 – 28 in Pittsburgh. Martin spent a week at GATF headquarters experimenting with the latest technologies including softproofing, CTP, the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI Pro, MAN-Roland Rotoman, Xerox IGen3 and Computer Integrated Manufacturing using PPF and JDF. Martin met with other graphic arts educators and an issue common in North America is students with poor math and english skills. We thank PIA/GATF for hosting this workshop and their continued investment in teachers and education. 
Ryerson Board of Governors 
Robert Cockerill has been elected to the Ryerson Board of Governors by a huge majority. GCM alum Bob Cockerill is President of Schawk Canada and already serves on the Advisory Council of the School, now he will also serve on Ryerson University’s Board of Governors. Schawk Canada employs around 20 GCM alum and this year graduate Christine Hindmarch joined the company and third year student Brittany Krueger spent a summer internship with Schawk. Alumni voted overwhelmingly for Bob and he will now serve on the Board of Governors for a three year term. Ryerson University’s 24-member Board of Governors makes major administrative policy, staff and financial decisions including the appointment of the President. Congratulations to Bob Cockerill and thank you GCM alumni for your support in electing Bob.

Heidelberg CEO Visits Ryerson 
The most senior executives from Heidelberg’s German, American and Canadian offices visited Ryerson on August 2. Bernhard Schreier, CEO, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Marcel Kiessling, President, Heidelberg USA, and Richard Armstrong, President, Heidelberg Canada dropped in to see students, staff and our facilities. The visiting Presidents were welcomed by Chair Abhay Sharma and Ryerson President Sheldon Levy and VP Adam Kahan. Ian Baitz and his students discussed projects in RFID printing, ink fading and stochastic screening. In 2003, Heidelberg pledged a considerable donation for a new building to house the School of Graphic Communications Management. With this gift the building was named the Heidelberg Centre. Picture shows Bernhard Schreier, CEO, Heidelberg giving a pep talk to GCM students.

Featured alumni – Sally Tan GCM 98 
On a recent Air Canada flight, Prof Manfred Breede was reading enRoute, the inflight magazine. On the masthead Manfred recognized the name of Sally Tan, Production Manager, a GCM alumni. Back at base we phoned Sally and spoke to her about her career post-Ryerson. Here is what Sally said. “After graduating from Ryerson, I went directly to working for The Delta Group (printing company). I was a CSR, but after 9 months, decided to go into the magazine publishing world. I worked as Production Manager for 6 years (originally Production Coordinator) for Today’s Parent Group (now owned by Rogers Media Inc.) working on publications such as Glow, Glow Health, New Mother, Pregnancy & Birth, Today’s Grandparent, Disney Family Living and Flare Pregnancy (I’m sure I missed a few pubs in there). I then moved to Montreal a year and a half ago to join the Spafax team which produces enRoute, Air Canada’s inflight magazine.

Although I often find myself struggling to remember French lessons from high school, the transition to life in Montreal was fairly smooth. Publishing is a hectic industry and although I’m in a different city, the rules haven’t really changed. My days are still swallowed up by flat plans, and getting files to the printer on time. I can even say that I’ve had to “Stop the Presses” a few times! The GCM program at Ryerson has provided me with a good base to go into the working world, and although I miss the days of Rye High, I certainly don’t miss the 40+ hours a week of classes, homework and exams! I came out of the GCM program at Ryerson with a lot of great memories and skills to prepare me for my career path. Hello to all my fellow GCMers from the Class of 98.”

Job Spot
Project/Production Coordinator. Pronk & Associates is a Toronto based company providing editorial, design, composition, art direction, photo research and prepress services to the North American educational publishing industry. They are currently seeking to add a Project/Production Coordinator to be the main client contact for several projects. Contact Neha Mathur at

GCM students and alumni can now enroll for jobs online at Job seekers can enroll to receive automated job listings based on keyword searches. A recent search using printing or imaging revealed great positions at HP, Xerox and Transcontinental. Enroll today – FREE for all Ryerson students and alumni –Workopolis Campus. All jobs sent to GCM are now posted at Workopolis.

Alumni posting from Jeffrey Sambells GCM 01
Hey everyone, long time no chat. This is Jeffrey here (Class of 2001), you remember, the one who commuted on the GO train and was always hanging out in the lab helping people with their Quark assignments (well, when not playing   007: Golden Eye in Steve’s/Matt/Kathy/Cat’s Rez). I’ve recently decided to try out the other side of the printing industry and co-authored my first book: Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax and we’re looking for a few people to write reviews for Amazon et al. If anyone is working with the Google Maps API and/or is interested in writing a review let me know, I can probably throw a copy of the book your way.

As for myself, I’m still working away at We-Create, the little (now almost 20 people) Internet design/software company I co-founded and I’ve been keeping myself busy with all the latest technologies flying around the web, it’s almost impossible to keep up! I’m still helping people with computer problems and carrying around my laptop (although now it’s a 17″ MacBook Pro) but I have yet to re-install Snood (for those of you who remember playing during Marketing class).

Anyway, I should get back to work now, just wanted to say hello as with all the book stuff going on I was reminiscing about printing and university. If anyone is interested in doing a review of the book, or   knows someone who is, let me know. Jeffrey Sambells, Director of Research and Development, Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

Diary Dates
CPIA Conference, Vancouver, September 15 & 16th, 2006

Ryerson Homecoming, October 13 & 14, 2006

Industry Day (for potential high-school students), October 16, 2006

GCM Awards Evening, Ryerson, November 8, 2006

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Best wishes to all our alumni and supporters out there.

Abhay Sharma
Chair, School of Graphic Communications Management

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